LA Shoot this! March 25 2012: Part 3- The Models

OK. So I started this post a couple of weeks ago and then fell off the blogging band wagon. I now have a backlog of blogs that need posting so you’re going to get inundated next week. No aplogies, though. I am thrilled to have been so busy lately. Add to that our impending move (details coming) and it’s a wonder I sleep at all.

This is the final blog post for the LA Shoot This! event I attended last month. There are not words to accurately describe how much fun I had. Enjoy a few shots of the amazing models who came out to shoot with us all. You can see the other posts HERE and HERE.


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LA Shoot this! March 25 2012: Part 2- The Photographers

One of the things that has helped me more than anything else are the other photographers I have met along the way. Sometimes I learn things not to do, but more often than not I learn all kinds of crazy, fantastic things I really should do.

The other photographers who were at this shoot out were not only people I really want to spend more time with, but were also phenomenal photographers with mad lighting skills. We even had a lighting master there to help us out, Kerry Garrison. (See all of his stuff HERE and HERE.

This is what it looks like when you have your transceivers set to the same channel that the instructor does. I just wish I had a picture of his face when I was caught red handed setting his lights off. I swear it was an accident!

The Littlest Fish is a light thief by accident


These shoots are also great for getting shots of other photographers in action. I love getting sneaky shots like this because we all hate being in front of the camera. It gives you a great understanding of what these shoots are about, though. What you may not be able to see here- although it was more than apparent on that day- are how willing people were to help each other out. And that’s what it’s all about!



What would a shoot be without a little fun between the photographers (Kerry) and the Models!

Again, I feel very lucky to have gotten to play with this great group of people. Thank you, Joelle, for all your hard work getting this coordinated!

OH!! And I can’t forget the cake! Ooooooooo…. Cake!

Carrot Cake at LA Shoot This! shoot out in March 2012

For all of the information including makeup artists, jewelry designers and sponsors, please look HERE.

Marjorie and the Mud Pit

A few weeks ago I decided to try out a few trash the dress sessions just to have a little bit of fun. Although it’s not my first time doing it, when a shoot is organized on my terms and not a client’s there is a lot more leeway as to what I can do. So, I put the word out that I was looking for a few models who would let me throw them in the dirt, ocean, pond, whatever I could come up with.

My first shoot was to be a mud session and my dear friend, Marjorie, kindly volunteered her time to come play. Laura James was roped in as our makeup artist and came along to play in the mud, too. She did a fantastic job both making Marjorie look beautiful and also as a mud slinger. (SIDE NOTE: As I was looking up Laura’s url to make sure I linked to her work properly I saw she did makeup for Jay Leno last week! You go girl!!!)

Getting ready for mud slinging trash the dress fun


Of course a shoot like this isn’t going to go off without SOME drama. Marjorie was super sick with that nasty cold thingy that’s been going around and she was still willing to jump in a big mud puddle for us. That is a true friend:)

I will get the name of the woman who made this necklace and will update this post with that information. It was just stunning! I really really want one:)

And it needs to be known that Marjorie is one hell of an artist herself. She works in all kinds of mediums. For this shoot we were able to show off one of her hand painted silk scarves. You can see more of her work HERE. I feel very very lucky to own several pieces by her. Thank you, Marjorie!!!!

Can you believe how gorgeous this lady is?? 

The mud throwing here was done by Laura who claims she’s a novice mud slinger. Yeah, right!

Marjorie really wanted me to let her take the goggles off but there is no way I’m going to throw mud and dirt and potentially rocks at anyone without eye protection. I like the contrast to the dress and jewelry anyway.

Bliss is laying in the mud. With a cold. Blissfully unaware that your wedding ring has come off in the mud. 

Oh yes, her one-of-a-kind, designed just for her wedding ring was somewhere in the mud at this point. We had no idea until several hours later after it had already gotten dark. (Marjorie, I am hoping you’ve told Glenn this story already!). We hiked back out here with flashlights at about 8 at night with little hope we would actually find it. By some stroke of dumb luck it was there, at the top of a little mud clod, one stone twinkling in the mini-maglite glow. I bought a lottery ticket the next day!

Does this look like fun? Do you have a great idea for trashing a dress or two (grab a couple of girlfriends and let’s make a day of it!)? Call me to set up your Trash the Dress Session! Get pampered with professional hair and makeup and then let’s go to it! 760-840-7615. Can’t wait to hear from you and see what crazy ideas you’ve got up your petticoat;)

LA Shoot this! March 25 2012: Numero Uno

Last week I FINALLY got the chance to participate in one of the LA Shoot This! shoots up in Walnut, CA. I joined the group, oh, probably 2 years ago and have just not made it to one of their amazing shoots before. Joelle Leder, of Joelle Leder Photography is in charge of putting these together and she does one hell of a fantastic job. Models, location, makeup artists, CAKE. You name it, she’s thought of it! I really wish I had a picture of the inside of her car from the end of the shoot. I’m really not sure where she  sat to drive the darn thing it was so full of props and “stuff”.

This shoot was supposed to be a Tea Party in the park, spring-like theme. Rain transformed it into an urban can-you-believe-we’re-shooting-in-a-parking-garage themed shoot. It was fantastic! This is one lovely family-like shoot group that I feel really lucky to have been a part of (finally!!). Before I get to the first set of images from this shoot, however, there are a few additional people who bear thanking.

LA Shoot This! Photo Group – March 25th, 2012 March Styled Shoot Event.


Event produced by

Founder of the Shoot This! Photo Group and events


:: Shoot This! Partners ::

~ Canvas on Demand –

~ PCL West Imaging –

~ Lumodi –

~ ProPhoto Blogs –

~ FolioMojo –

~ Adorama –

~ –

~ – (Please add – Joelle Leder in the referral box when signing up for free)


~ JLP Model & Talent – Provided Models for event

fan –


~ Idea Print Work Inc – Branded Shoot This! T-Shirts

fan –


~ Joelle Leder Photography –

fan –

fan –


~ Jewelry provided by JustDaisy Handcrafted Jewelry

fan –

shop –


JLP Model & Talent Provided the models for this event:

Amanda Goraleski – Hair by Chels Alvarez, Makeup by  Anna Flores

Kelsey Dysart – Hair and Makeup by Anna Flores

Devon Ligus – Hair by Alex Diaz, Makeup by Anna Flores

Stephanie Turner – Hair by Chels Alvarez, Makeup by Anna Flores

Ella (12) & Alina (9) Armes – Hair by Chels Alvarez

Madison (5.5) & Sean (2.5) Harper – Hair by Chels Alvarez

Chase Bennett

JK Delapp


~ Group Leader – Kerry Garrison

Black Belt Lighting Products –

Camera Dojo –

Whew! Lots of links with lots of fantastic stuff to check out. Please let me know if I messed any of them up:)

By some stroke of luck I was one of the lucky few who got to play while the models were being done up for the shoot. Here are some of the getting ready shots. SO much fun with some really amazing people.


Next post you’ll get to see some of the shoot shots and hear a little of the drama that went into changing our shoot from a spring to an urban theme. Thank you everyone who was involved!

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A Couple Of Changes Coming

Good Morning, all. This post was supposed to go out yesterday but there was interference by a two-year old. Even now I am hiding in bed with the covers pulled up over my head using a flashlight to get this written. I have to hurry before he finds  me.

SO, Big announcement #1:

A lot of you already know but for those who don’t, we are moving in June. My husband is in the military and as happens every few years we are being relocated. It isn’t all bad, though. We are going to be in the Monterey area for the next 2.5 years which means I can keep my San Diego clients happy, too. The plan is for me to come to the San Diego area about once a month for a few days of shoots. For anyone who has already booked something, you won’t even know I’ve moved my office. For those of you looking to book in the future it does mean fewer shoot times available so book early. OR let me know when you’re going to be further north and we can get some amazing photos, say, in Big Sur or San Francisco or Napa. I have already blocked out the weekends I will be in San Diego through the end of the year. Give me a call and I’ll get you scheduled!


Big announcement #2:

OK. This isn’t quite as big as number one but I am going to be offering a new and really cool product called Sticky Albums. I am testing them on a few clients now to see how they like them and the feedback is all positive so far. These are little digital albums I build you and send to you to have on your phone. At the moment these will be available for iPhone, iPad and Android users only. This awesome little album sits as an icon on your home screen and makes it really really easy for you to show off your fabulous photos.

They will be offered in both light and full versions with up to 40 photos at a very reasonable price. The best part? You can share the album- give it to your parents, friends, spouse for their phones or iPad- as many times as you want. The grandparents can now have the same great album you have. No additional costs:) I think that’s my favorite part.

Announcement #3:

Again, not quite as big as the first one but I am now (finally) doing a video of your shoot images for you. No charge:) You’ll get it to view on your big flat screen and show off to your family and friends.


Announcement #4:

Because I am loving the video thing so much I started The Littlest Fish Photography YouTube channel. Check in here once in a while to get to know me a little bit better before our shoot, to get tips and hints to help your shoot go more smoothly, to see testimonials about The Littlest Fish, and to see what silliness I’ve been up to. I am not personally a fan of getting in front of the camera but it’s important to push ourselves once in a while. Drop me a line to let me know what you think.

So, now a little homework for you: because I am going to have fewer shoot appointments available for the Southern California region call me now to get set up. It’s never too early to start thinking about those Christmas Cards! 760.840.7615.